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HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

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There's a huge calling in Australia for people to engage themselves with an understanding of CPR. This course will teach you CPR, the most common life-saving measure used in first-response treatments.

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (First Aid Level 2)

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Gain a thorough understanding and the practical skills in providing first aid response, life support, and the management of casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of medical or other assistance. The course includes CPR.

HLTAID004 Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting

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Do you work in childcare or in education? Then this specialised first aid course will be perfect for you. In this training, you'll grasp an understanding of CPR, emergency response techniques, allergy management, first aid rescue procedures, asthma and anaphylaxis training and more.

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