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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a workplace first aid kit?

The contents of a first aid kit depend on the type and size of the kit you’ve chosen, and a risk-assessment of your workplace. Even the most basic kit contains adhesive dressings, sterile pads, disposable gloves, antiseptic and eye care.

You can view the contents list of each first aid kit by clicking on the contents list option.


What type of workplace first aid kit do I need?

When choosing a first aid kit, ask yourself:

  • Is the kit for work, home, vehicle etc.?

  • If it's for the workplace, what are the hazards, size, location and nature of the work?

  • How many people will be using it?

  • Does it need to be portable, wall-mounted,compact?


Why do I need a first aid kit in my workplace?

As a person conducting a business or undertaking, it’s your responsibility to provide workers, volunteers and contractors access to a suitable first aid kit at all times. This is a requirement under the Australian Work Health and Safety Act.

The first aid kit's contents should be based on a risk assessment of the nature of the work, the hazards,size,location and the nature of the workplace, and the number and composition of the workers there

What does TGA-approved mean?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is Australia’s regulator of therapeutic goods. It ensures that the therapeutic goods available to Australian consumers meet acceptable standards of manufacturing quality. A therapeutic good i s a product that has a stated therapeutic purpose, including medicines such as antiseptics, sunscreens, medical devices such as dressings and bandages, and some cosmetics.

What if I’m allergic to latex?

Because latex intolerance is a common condition, we carry an extensive range of latex-free dressings and nitrile blue disposable gloves which are latex free.

Please feel free to contact Healthguard with queries about items, or any other information you may require

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