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When purchased with CellAED®, your Smart First AED® Home Kit provides everything you need to protect your loved ones from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), bites, stings, sprains, strains, minor wounds and bleeding.


Don't forget to buy your CellAED® Defibrillator with your kit purchase!

Secure your position in the queue and pre-order this product today. To be released October 2022.


Kit Features


Designed to fit CellAED®

Contains everything you need to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)

Keep your family protected with a range of essential first aid items

Dimensions: 25cm x 22cm x 10cm 




Adhesive Bandage 7.2×1.9cm / 25 pcs

Burn gel 3.5g / 1 pc

Sterile Gauze Swab 7.5×7.5cm 3‘s / 3 pc

Cleansing wipe / 3 pcs

Low Adherent Dressing 10x10cm / 2 pcs

Eye pad 5.5×7.5cm / 1 pc

Conforming bandage 5x400cm / 1 pc

Conforming bandage 7.5x400cm / 1 pc

Heavyweight Conforming Premium / 1 pc

Bandage 10cmx400cm / 1 pc

BPC Wound Dressing #13 / 1 pc

BPC Wound Dressing #14 / 1 pc

Burn Gel dressing 10x10cm / 1 pc

Eye Wash Liquid Ampoule 15ml / 2 pcs

Nitrile Examination gloves / 3 pcs

CPR face shield / 1 pc

Triangular bandage 110x110x155cm / 2 pc

Microporous tape 2.5cmx5m / 1 pc

Scissors (Metal) 10cm / 1 pc

Shears Metal 145mm / 1 pc

Tweezers 11cm / 1 pc

Emergency Rescue Blanket 140x210cm / 1 pc

Notebook and pen / 1 pc

Safety pins / 3 pcs

First aid guide/book / 1 pc

Razor / 1 pc

Alcohol wipes 5x5cm open:3.0×6.0cm 50g/m2 Spunlace, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol / 5 pcs


CellAED® is not included, picture for example only. 

First AED Kits without the additional CellAED® will not be Sudden Cardiac Arrest ready. 

Smart First AED Home Kit

SKU: homekit
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