All the protection you need when on the go.  This compact kit range has a selection of first aid items needed for treating minor injuries.  The assorted cases available are suited to use in a range of environments, with protection against water and dust.  Durable and well sized for easy storage in small areas.  Alternatively the weatherproof cases (CODE: AFAK2W) can be wallmounted for easy accessibility.




  AEROSWAB Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm 3’s 3 Bag
  AEROWIPE Cleansing Wipe 3 pc
  AEROPLAST Plastic Plaster 72x19mm 10 pc
  AEROSHIELD Face Shield Disposable 1 pc
  AEROPORE Microporous Paper Tape 2.5cm x 5M 1 Roll
  AEROPAD Low Adherant Dressing 10cm x 10cm 2 pc
  AEROWOUND Wound Dressing #14 1 Roll
  AEROFORM Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4M 1 Roll
  AEROFORM Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4M 1 Roll
  AEROBAND Triangular Bandage 110 x 110 x 155cm 1 pc
  AEROPINS Safety Pin 3 Set
  Scissor 10cm 1 pc
  Tweezer 12cm Plastic 1 pc
  Notebook & Pen 1 pc
  AEROPLAST Amputated Parts Bags Assorted Sizes 3 pc
  AEROGLOVE Nitrile Powder Free gloves 1 Bag

Voyager 2 Series – First Aid Kit